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Retro Game À La Carte is fixated on retro gaming culture, and celebrates the rich and colorful history of video games. With the help of both developers from the golden age and retro gaming enthusiasts, our aim is to create new value by rediscovering the past. With the heavy influence from gaming companies that appeared, and through all of the software and consumer goods that came about, the world of video gaming was born.
We live in a time of an always evolving gaming culture, and there is seemingly no end in sight.
Three main types of video games were born from this new amusement revolution. With the advent of Space Invaders came huge, record-breaking profits. With that, dedicated game arcades began to appear everywhere. Even places like supermarkets had their very own dedicated gaming corners. Many different types of unique experiences were created, ones that could only be had in arcades. Another type of gaming was born from the home console market. Once consumer level game machines began to appear, children were completely immersed, and have never looked back. Many of these children still enjoy games as adults even today. Yet another angle was PC games. With new, high level technology entering peoples homes, anyone who could buy a personal computer had the potential to create their own games. The result of this technological explosion was a plethora of games, both good and bad. This new type of entertainment, in it’s various forms, along with the various developers, resulted in a huge outpour of video games.
As we live now in a culture of video games, we would like to take you on a journey to the past. How did these games come about? What kind of culture came from it? Let us all have a look together and find out.
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2016/06/18 「Mintomo株式会社」ホームページで当シンポジウム公式グッズの販売を開始します。
2016/04/09 Satoshi OKADA and Munenori TAKEDA (Mame) join the fight!!
2016/04/08 Denzin-Pro join the fight!!