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Q How much is the enterance fee?
A The entrance is free. We have plans to sell pamphlets and after reports however, so we urge those who would like to participate in the future to purchase those.
Q Please tell me about the event area
A Here is a list of things to do in Numazu.http://retrogamealacarte.jp/sightseeing/numazu?ln=enIt's a great area for sightseeing
Q I would like to participate.
A Please send the details on our enquiry form below. Our company will also accept enquiries through our website. (https://mintomo.co.jp/contactus)
Q I would like to ask a guest a question.
A Please use the form below to ask a question to a guest. Questions asked will be posted http://retrogamealacarte.jp/friendship/question here. Please look forward to the responses!
Q I would like to become a supporter, collaborator, or help in some way.
A 「A Request for Your Support(PDF)」is located here.Please send the details on our enquiry form below. Our company will also accept enquiries through our website. (https://mintomo.co.jp/contactus)Supporters names will be posted to the website retrogamealacarte.jp/friendship/signaturehere.
Q 即売会のテーブルの大きさを教えてください。
A W1800xD600です。
Q 即売会の荷物を当日会場着で発送できますか?
A 可能です。また部屋指定もできますので、即売会の荷物であれば「プラサヴェルデ内 会議室301」とご指定ください。
Q 即売会の荷物は宅配便にお願いできますか?
A 可能ですが、出店販売スタッフがいらっしゃる間にお願いします。
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